Time for change .. precisely!!!

Time for change … it sure is :slight_smile:
(just not the way they expect)



no hard sell there then ::slight_smile: “Be a hero today and help your customers increase productivity, access information anywhere, and stay secure…”

nor any scare tactics ::slight_smile: “… making their systems extremely vulnerable” - so… are they “safe” now then !!!

I really haven’t much time for the marketing types…

Bill Hicks summed it up quite nicely for me, especially when related to large corporations like M$

It most certainly is time for a change, and the sooner they, M$, have gone the way of the dodo, the better!

Of course, only my opinion!

May only be an opinion, but that doesn’t make it wrong :wink:

Can’t beat a bit a classic M$ FUD… ::slight_smile:

Typical! Almost unbelievably arrogant! Clearly think everyone has bottomless pockets.


Time to change from a mediocre XP system to a baffling unloved upgrade!?

Well hey why don’t they throw in a crap Nokia phone to boot.

Drowning drowning drowning with Windows 8 and Nokia the mill stone around their neck.

IMHO, they only have themselves to blame! :stuck_out_tongue: ( tee hee ) - marketing cobblers and greed, have taken them down a road where Joe Public “must” upgrade his machine to “run” the “latest” incarnation of windoze…

Beats me that they are still in business…

Yet another “can you please, please, please downgrade my new computer to Win7” request this morning ::slight_smile: