Timeshift - what to be backed up

LM20.3 fresh installed and updated

Recently in a different thread the content of Timeshift backup files was briefly touched.

My settings are:


  • Users
    — name /home/name, here I selected: Include only hidden files
    — root /root, here I selected: Include all files

selected /home/rost/.**
selected /root/**

Are these settings correct/practical for restoring?
What could be better settings and why?

Thanks in advance for helping comments!

Hi Mariozo

My settings are
Location: sda5 (this is a separate backup drive I have installed you can select any local location you choose as far as I’m aware Timeshift will not backup to a remote location)
Schedule: 5 Daily ( This is what suits me best again you can choose whatever best suits your needs)
Users: I’ve left as default which if I understand correctly means it wont backup user files only system files
Filters: I’ve left as default ( this is something I don’t fully understand so I can’t comment further maybe someone smarter than me can help)
Date Format: Again I’ve left as default but it’s it’s fairly straightforward if you want to change it

The above settings give me 5 daily snapshots which I have used in the past and work fine for me I can’t say they’re better than your settings and I see nothing wrong with yours.

Hope this helps

Good luck