TODAY ONLY - Get 2GB extra Google Drive space for free

You can never have too much Google Drive space, right? At least that's what Google thinks, and it's giving away 2GB today to anyone that wants it.
Read the [url=]Article on Ars Technica[/url].

Or read about it here:

Check your Google Account Security Settings and get 2GB extra for free!

Thanks Mark


Hmmm. The date of that blog is Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Is it still valid?

Well it worked for me … after going through your security settings it’ll tell you it’s added 2GB

Google “2GB free google drive”

You’ll see it’s all over the web now.

Maybe they do it every “safer internet day” (whatever that is), and that just happens to be today this year :wink:


Yeah … The Verge say it’s becoming an annual tradition

I got mine after reading your prompt, thank you Mark.


NP :slight_smile: