Too many connections!?


Every day I log on to my account at Ephotozine ( Today I am getting this message…

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home2/ephoto/ on line 60
Too many connections

Any ideas?

Ubuntu 10.04, Samsung netbook, Firefox 3.6.13

Yup, whatever the service you’re logging in to is, it’s overloaded.

Essentially they have a system that relies on querying a MySQL server to provide your page, and your session’s connection (at the far end) to this SQL server is one too many.

It’s a soft-setting in MySQL and nobody there is paying attention.

Screw-up by their sysadmin. (unless their server is being ddos’d / abused in some way)


Yep your right.

Problem at their end.