Toshiba Equium L40-17M -touchpad erratic/resetting

You’re kiddin me right ?

So the touchpad works if you unplug it from the mains ? … or if you touch the laptop elsewhere ?

If so, that sounds like some weird earthing/interference issue … but definitely hardware.

Basically yeah, that’s what I was trying to get across, with my friends laptop, it goes - put it on lap, it works, put it on table/bed/anything else when your palm isn’t resting on it, it goes to pot . . . . . . I’ve gathered this is like the guy says, a grounding issue of some sort, the power cable’s been fixed in place with tape and the battery’s rubbish and doesn’t hold a charge so it’s probably not worth spending a fortune on it to fix all of that. I think I’ll have to show him that video and just explain what’s what, and I’l give him a mouse just in case it’s having a really bad day!

I doubt if there’s much else you can do … certainly not in software.