Toshiba Satellite Pro touch pad not working

Hi I’ve just installed Ubuntu Linux onto my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop and the touch pad is not working. I have to plug in a usb mouse. Is there something I can do to get the touchpad working. I did go into mouse and touchpad settings and can see the touchpad is switched to on. I’m completely new to linux so need it explained in simple terms. Many thanks

Hi - and welcome to the forums. Answers will be a little slow in coming at present sadly due to the untimely passing of Mark Greaves and the community is still at 6’s and 7’s.

It would be helpful if you can post the system specs and Ubuntu version you are running.

If you ‘Google’ this - Toshiba Satellite Pro touch pad not working, there are some promising results, so try and work through those. Post back if you run into difficulty and need further assistance.

BTW - is there a particular reason why you went for Ubuntu? Did you have a look-see at any other Linux distros?


A good way to get the system specs to help Rich and others to advise you would be to post the output from:

inxi -Fx