Transferring Existing External HDD contents to new internal HDD (Closed)

After much deliberation I decided to rebuild my computer with new components.

I intended to use as much as possible from the previous system.

I have 2 HDD on the system and bought IDE to SATA converters. One drive worked fine (Windows 7) however the Linux mint 13 drive was not recognized.

I am now converting this drive to an external HDD connected by USB to the rebuilt system.

Is there any way to transfer the contents of this drive to the new SATA HDD and restore my mint 13 without having to reinstall all the programs and settings.

Any help as always would be appreciated.

Use a Clonezilla LiveCD to clone the drive :slight_smile:

Download the latest stable LiveCD ISO from here:
and either burn a LiveCD/DVD, or use something like Unetbootin to bung it on a LiveUSB

Disk to disk clone tutorial

Did a live CD will advise what happens. Thanks for the links.

Completed and all OK, now I am only using half of the new drive I presume I can resize the partition with G-partition.

gparted, yes :slight_smile:

Everything now completed and working well.


Brilliant :slight_smile: