Transmageddon and WinFF

I am having problems converting a .TS file to MP4 or Avi. In Transmageddon it takes ages and is poor quality. With WinFF it just converts to a text file. Any ideas?

HI Toonman

I tried almost every transcoding software available to convert my movie collection to mp4 and by far the best was Handbrake it’s simple to use and fast, I would definitely recommend it


Thanks Emegra

Down loading now. :slight_smile:

No problem

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I’ve always used Arista … (for me) it transcodes quicker than handbrake, and IMHO is better laid out (that’s obviously just an opinion) :slight_smile:

It’s in the repo’s, and you can get additional pre-built transcoding profiles:

What the heck is a .TS file ?

If you mean from a DVD, that’s NOT the video file (and is just a text file containing the DVD’s menu structure) … the actual video files are the .VOB files (which are mpeg 2 files).

Yeah Arista is good I remember using it and liked the ability to download different profiles, and I also liked the interface but it lacked some function that I wanted and for the life of me I can’t remember what it was, but it was a fairly new project at that time so that function my well be incorporated now,

Generally If I find something that does what I want I tend to stick with it even though there may be something better of faster out there, I used Winff for a long time and couldn’t see past it until they changed something and broke it but I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste, there is a few different transcoders available for Linux so I doubt you’ll get a consensus of opinion on this subject

One thing Arista would definately have over Handbrake is that Handbrake no longer supports .avi so If it’s .avi your after Arista may be a better bet but for anything else I would still say Handbrake just to be contrite :slight_smile:

I’m not knocking Handbrake … just giving another option … and as always being vocal in my opinions ;D

No need to feel contrite :wink:


What the heck is a .TS file ?
It is [i]MPEG transport stream[/i] most commonly used in PVR's (my Humax uses it)

Just to throw some more options into the ring, have you tried VLC?
You can use VLC player as a converter to convert all audio and video file format from one another.
In VLC navigate in menu bar to Media >> Convert/Save. Add file to convert then select output format.

If I want to convert .ts files to DVD then I use Bombono DVD authoring program

Thanks all. I will try the above programs. Handbrake worked perfectly though. The reason for converting is to put some films programs etc on my mobile using MX player (with cable) and play on my Small flat screen TV when I am on holiday in my motorhome. Yes the .ts file is from a Freeview recorder.

Thanks again everybody, some new programs to try out. :slight_smile: