Trouble with Dell Poweredge T110 II Server

Hello Everyone,

I bought a Dell Poweredge T110 II Server in the attempt to set it up to install Linux and use the server for web hosting. I keep trying to install Centos 7 Minimal, which completes well, but when i install cpanel it too completes but then i can’t access the initial setup on my browser. my router is static and i have assigned static ips to work around DHCP, but just not sure why my server is not running cpanel/whm.

The FQDN i use is a registered domain, but maybe im typing it in wrong, and or using wrong ip address i think is static


i am totally about to lose the will to live.

not sure if i have right server, or wrong setup, maybe need to sell this one and buy another lol

Please can anybody help me

thank you