try (hd0, 0) ntfs5 error msg

Hello everybody
I have 3 operating system on my PC that winxp, win7 and Ubuntu. I had made a bootable usb flash with winxp and win7, I tested it on my PC but after that I get “try (hd0, 0) ntfs5” error msg at booting. I tried to format ubuntu partition to solve this problem but it didn’t make anything.
Please anyone give me advice to solve it
Thanks a lot

You’ve lost me here…

You put WinXP and Win on a USB stick ?

Which is not booting now ? … the USB stick or the PC/hard drive ?

I just wanted to explain what happened, so I tried to test a bootable usb then the error msg appear when the pc starting to load

I am guessing that the “bootable usb flash with winxp and win7” is an bootable install media and not Live (as in LiveCD).
Has it started the install when booted to USB? If so then it could have overwritten the boot sector on your HDD.
I suggest you fix your Windows install first (on the HDD). See here for instructions.