Trying to install Conky Weather on laptop but having problems

Ive tried following the way I did it in this posting] [url][/url] but a file in a dropbox is not there!

Which file is missing… the conky.rc from my dropbox ?

I can’t remember now, don’t want to mess around with things now.
tried to do it from the beginning from the other posting but couldn’t do it, so would you be able to run through it again here, from the beginning?


sudo apt-get install conky

Now download this file:
Double click it to install … when Ubuntu Software Centre opens click the Install button:

Once installed, back in the terminal run these commands:

cd ~




tar -xzvf conkyHTChrome.tar.gz

Now start conky with:


If it starts great … but conky will close when you close the terminal … this is normal.

Now add a new item to Startup Applications with the contents:

Name: Conky Startup
Command: /home/peter/
Comment: Conky HTC Weather

Make sure the new startup item is ticked … then log off and on again … 20secs later conky should start.

BTW, I’ve preset the .conky.rc to the Derby weather station (UKXX0040) for you

If anyone else is going to use the conkyHTChrome.tar.gz from my dropbox, you’ll have to change the weather station code(s) in the contained .conky.rc file, instructions on this page:

Or ask, and I’ll help you find your station code and make the edits.