trying to "sort out" a friends aspire one with a strange linux op sys Help plz

Hi, im a linux n00b, but a friend of mine recently picked up an aspire one at at boot fair for £50, works lovely, but has a few problems, so im thinking about putting a decent little linux system on it.

Basically, i`m locked out of the control panel with a minimal hud, i want to whack a usb installable linux system onto it to make it usable,

any ideas?

I`ll be waiting for your advice


Hi, MoonKnyte and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you’re talking about an Acer Aspire One (AOA110 or AOA150, aka, ZG5), I’d recommend PeppermintOS Three … it’s what I have on both my AA1’s.

I’ve written a tutorial for it’s installation here:
Tutorial - Installing PeppermintOS Three on an Acer Aspire One AOA110L ZG5

Dont worry, ive solved it by putting ubuntu on a flash drive using that USB pendrivelinux…

Problem solved!!

Must say though, i`m gonna look at the other o/s but this was my first attempt.

Thanx for ya help all the same,


Again, if it’s an AOA110 (or AOA150)… Ubuntu is IMHO, FAR too heavy for the Acer Aspire One. … it WILL run, but it will be quite slow … Peppermint Three is a much better choice :slight_smile:

i`ll look at other o/s as i uncover potential “holes” in the system,

Btw, any good virus killers and or anti spyware, bearing in mind i`m passing it back to its owner tomorrow, the owner is very “mark its playing up, fix it for me” which helps my wallet!!



There is ABSOLUTELY no need for anti-virus, anti-malware, or as long as you’re behind a NAT router even a firewall in Linux.

There are NO … repeat NO, know Linux viruses in the wild, and even if there were, they couldn’t do any real damage, would find it impossible to get into the software distribution channels, and would be patched against quicker than any AV company could update the AV their AV definitions anyway :slight_smile:


And if anyone tells you differently, either they have a vested interest in selling you something … or they don’t know what they’re talking about :wink:

I had heard that, just wanted to hand back this machine knowing that i shouldnt need to look at it again for 6months or so. BTW might be installing peppermint instead, tonight so ill keep yer posted…

Thanx for your time


If you install Peppermint Three … you’re unlikely to get it back for 5 years (the length of the support for Peppermint Three) … hardware faults and user idiocy aside of course :slight_smile:

Put a link to this forum in the browser shortcuts … and send them here for any problems, or advice … if you wish :wink:

You/they’ll find the Linux community very friendly … and more than willing to help new users.

Gonna go with peppermint,ubuntu is lovely but dog slow.

illl check back when ive installed

Install it to the internal SSD/HDD … you’re probably running it ATM in “Live” mode from the USB stick ?

It will be MUCH quicker when installed properly to the SSD/HDD

Peppermint will be quicker than Ubuntu … but will still be slow if used in “Live” mode from a LiveUSB stick.

Installing to the SSD/HDD is all covered in the Peppermint tutorial.

To give you an idea … Peppermint boots to a working desktop in about 25-30 seconds when installed to the SSD/HDD … but is MUCH slower from a LiveUSB … LiveUSB’s also use more system resources (RAM), which is limited on the AA1 in the first place.

LiveUSB’s were intended to be used for test driving, and as installation media … not really as the OS system drive.

i installed ubuntu to the hdd, will do the same for peppermint.

have started the install, will keep you informed…

as soonas im done im passing to my girlfriend so she can test it…

OK … good luck … I’ll be about most of the night if you have any questions, or need assistance :slight_smile:

i have an old acer aspire laptop that i use for emulation retro gaming, i`m giving serious consideration to whacking linux onto that, its an aspire 5315, with 3gig ram, whats your thinking?



If you use it for retro Windows/DOS gaming … stick with Windows … Linux does NOT (generally) run Windows software natively.

Well some Windows software can be made to work in WINE (a Windows compatibility layer … think of it as an emulator, even though it isn’t) but it’s always best to run things in their own native OS … specially games (which are resource intensive).

But there’s nothing to stop you creating a dual boot system, where you decide wether to boot into Linux or Windows at boot time.

Another option for running Windows software in Linux would be something like VirtualBox … but I wouldn’t advise gaming in a virtual machine.

There are also Linux games you may like … particularly if you like the more “retro” stuff … most of which are free, and available for one click installation in your package manager(s).

You’re going to have to get used to the idea of using your package manager for installing software in Linux … rather than going off hunting for it on the internet as you would in Windows.

All the software is in one place in Linux … and you install it by selecting it in the package manager … much easier than Windows, and one of the reasons Linux is so secure :slight_smile:

i run most of my stuff off my main “desktop” but im looking at an experimentation phase and having discovered how nice linux o/s are, im looking at running an unused system and benchmarking against windows with known linux friendly emulators. bearing in mind, my quad core desktop is massively faster than my olde laptop, i`m only interested in using low end emus such as snes9x and c64/ amiga emulators.

In that case, you’ll find emulators for those in most Linux distributions package managers … I’d personally still recommend Peppermint, but Ubuntu or Linux Mint can be easier for some people in some situations.
(obviosly you’ll need the ROM’s, but you can get those online if you don’t already have them)

The user interface of Ubuntu/Mint are more feature rich and can be easier to do certain things in … such as setting up a WebDAV share etc. … but Peppermint is DEFINITELY quicker, and on you laptop will scream.

So it depends what you want … ease of configuration (when you start doing things beyond basic stuff like software installation) … or pure speed, at the expense of probably having to ask a few more question here :slight_smile:

Again, there’s nothing stopping you setting up a triple boot setup … Windows/Ubuntu/Peppermint

One other thing I’ll add … one of the lighter distro’s like Peppermint will breath new life into an old laptop/PC, and make it MUCH faster than it would be running Windows XP (with no service packs).

Ubuntu/Mint … will probably feel similar to running XP service pack three (ish), speed wise.

Yeah, that was my thinking, speed etc. I have quite a knowledge of windows and windows based software, but have found something that has peeked my interest again (windows stuff was getting labourious and annoying), with service packs gumming up the works. I like figuring out work arounds without the pitfalls of windows (especially the non dos based versions). I want to see if i can get a decent speed out of my aspire laptop on things like n64 or psx (most emu coders have a love of linux and the sourceforge stuff).

Making an old machine service-able and user friendly is kind of a hobby of mine



Precisely where I came from into Linux … and suddenly it’s all fun again :slight_smile:

If you used to love computing, and picking OS’s apart, but have become bored with Windows … you’re gonna LOVE Linux :slight_smile:

Absolutely EVERYTHING is configurable, nothing is hidden, and after a bit of a learning curve you’ll find everything is set out much more logically … though don’t expect it to seem that way at first :wink: