Tux in the peak?

Hello all,
I’m a new member, though by no means a stranger to Linux, having used various distros over the years.
I’m a programmer by trade, but seem to be spending more time doing web related work at the moment.
Anyway, having discovered these hallowed pages, I was wondering if anyone here is in the Bakewell/Peak district area, and interested in a local LUG. I feel that a little advocacy education and support for free software at a local level might be a good way to do my bit and help others p p p pick up a penguin!!

Any thoughts?

Though I’m nowhere near the peak district, I wish you luck… if there is anything I can do to help (from afar), let me know.

Have you seen the “Linux Buzz” box on the front page of this forum’s parent site linux.co.uk ?

I’m pretty sure Mad Penguin would put something up on Linux.co.uk if you asked… you never know, it may attract a few prospective members.

linux.co.uk comes back as the #1 return for the (Google) search term linux uk

heh… I’ve just realised it’s listed above distrowatch, redhat, mandrive, and opensuse for the search term linux :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, linux.co.uk looks a great place to attract people.
I’m just trying to work out the feasibility of the idea - there seems to be a lot of ignorance of Linux around here, and plenty of folk who are disgruntled with other OSs. I’ve helped a couple of people cross over (now this begins to sound like a group of vampires…), which made me think it may be a good idea to start a local LUG, as there is nothing hereabouts.
It would be quite a responsibility though…