Ubisurfer security question

First post so hope this makes sense.

I have just purchased an Ubisurfer and when I went onto the internet and went on any pages which required sign in like email etc, the actual letters are showing in the password field rather than appearing as stars, I am just wondering if this is correct? I have never come across this before and am wondering if I should change my settings somewhere so this does not happen. I am not very techie minded so not a clue.

Is this what is supposed to happen, as I don’t feel it’s very safe???

Would appreciate any advice


Which browser does the ubisurfer use ?

I think it uses its own Datawind Ubisurfer browser???

It seems to be normal for their custom web browser…

One annoying niggle was that it didn’t obscure passwords when we typed them - not a problem in the office, but not good when on the train

See here:

Can’t find a fix, but I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for quick answer, doesn’t sound very good but at least I know it’s ‘normal’.

Appreciate your help.

Are you sure it’s custom, according to this the ubisurfer uses the Firefox (Iceweasel) web browser


If it IS based on Iceweasel it’s probably fixable… I’ll look for a fix and post it here if I find one.

I don’t get the Firefox option on my system so was assuming that was for wi-fi users and I am using via the built in vodafone line?

AFAIK, Iceweasel is the version of Firefox that other companies are allowed to re-badge (re-brand) and customize… so it won’t necessarily say Firefox anywhere.

What is displayed if you select Help>About in the browser ?