I recently purchased a ubisurfer to use whilst away in my motorhome. I am finding difficulty in finding solutions to the many problems I have. Firstly do I really have to reset the sound every time I switch on.Why can I not get my mplayer to work.Can anyone help

Can you explain the problems a bit better.

What do you mean by “reset the sound”?

and what happens when you try to run Mplayer?

Erm, can you clarify the specification of your box?

I’m seeing 128Mb RAM, 1Gb flash, 800x480 display, 10baseT ethernet … if that’s correct then “no”.

If there’s any way you can get your money back (assuming you had to pay for it) , I’d return it asap.
(the reviews I’ve seen are for the Windows version, and they’re not good, I wouldn’t expect the Linux version to have fewer problems …)

Thanks for you information i newly join and your post help me.