[Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid] Move the Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons to the Right.

If like me you just cant get on with the Minimize, Maximize, Close on the left hand side in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) here is a neat little trick to move them.

Bare in mind Mark Shuttleworth has said he wants to use the right part for something else, but until then we can at least have some normality back to our beloved ubuntu :slight_smile:

Launch Configuration Editor (Alt+F2 and type in gconf-editor then hit the run button)
Now navigate to apps>metacity>general.
Find button_layout in the right hand pane and double click on it to edit it
Change the value from




Click OK and Enjoy !!

Alternatively, this can also be done by executing the following command from the terminal

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string menu:minimize,maximize,close

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