Ubuntu 10

Recently downloaded ubuntu 10 and burnt an iso disk. Everything boots up Ok until after the black screen with the rolling dots then I get the message:- (amfs) unable to find medium containing live file system. Any ideas? >:(

I take it the error message actually reads b unable to find medium containing live file system[/b] ?

Sounds like either…

a) a corrupt burn… check the disk by holding the Shift key as soon as your BIOS’s POST screen disappears, then selecting “Check CDROM for errors” or similar.

b) an unsupprted CD drive controller (unlikely) or dying CD/DVD drive… if your system can boot from a USB stick, try creating a LiveUSB, and boot from that.

c) incorrect BIOS settings (RAID maybe?.. if it’s a Dell try changing the RAID setting to RAID-ATA)… try changing the boot order in the BIOS rather than using the bootdevice selection key etc. … also try connecting your CDROM drive to another controller

You could try setting the acpi=off kernel boot parameter:
or disabling ACPI management in the BIOS.

If your computer can boot from a USB stick, try creating a LiveUSB instead of a LiveCD… and boot from that:
Creating a LiveUSB in Windows:
and in Ubuntu/Mint/Debian etc.:

also see if anything here helps:

also, and I know this sounds weird… I remember reading this somewhere… try disconnecting your floppy drive if you have one, or disabling it in the BIOS (just during the installation, you can reconnect/re-enable it afterwards).

People have been reporting this error for the oddest of reasons… you haven’t got an nVidia 6200 graphics card by any chance?


Maybe something to do with the 6200’s use of “Turbocache” ???

If you are still having problems… can you give us a bit of info about your hardware.

For anyone that stumbles upon this page whilst trying to install from a LiveUSB… a LOT of people are reporting the same error -
b unable to find medium containing live file system[/b]
When the LiveUSB is plugged into a USB 3 port… try a USB 2 port.
Example page:

Found it was a bad burn…

many thanks for your help!!

No problem… glad you worked it out :slight_smile:

Where do i go to ask for help? would here be appropriate

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hth :slight_smile:

thank you

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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