Ubuntu 11.04

Is it normal to still have the Icons of REMOVED applications in the display of installed applications ? or
have I got a problem ?.
I also have Icons with no title, that I do not recognize, just sitting there, what’s that all about ?
Can anyone throw any light on this , please.

Are these Windows applications installed to run in WINE ?

A couple of them were for applications I tried to install under Wine, but I could not get them to run properly
so I removed them, but there are others like Evolution and Epiphany which I removed because I found alternatives
better suited to my way of working.

Uninstalling Evolution is not recommended in Ubuntu as it is an integral part of the desktop.

Epiphany ? … the game ?

Are you running the Unity Desktop, or the Classic (Gnome 2) desktop ? … I need to know this to get a better picture of which menu’s you mean.

For removal of the WINE apps orphaned menu items, see here:


If you mean epiphany-browser is still listed in the menu’s after uninstalling… also remove the epiphany-browser-data package:

sudo apt-get remove epiphany-browser-data

If I were you, I’d FIRST reinstall evolution (so autoremove doesn’t remove needed packages):

sudo apt-get install evolution

then and ONLY then, run:

sudo apt-get autoremove

which should uninstall orphaned packages… be sure to read through what it’s going to uninstall BEFORE accepting the changes.

The WINE apps orphaned menu items will still require manual removal.

I’ve noticed a similar thing with some of the programs I’ve try’d and then removed.

Open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get autoremove

this will remove orphaned packages… check the list before answering yes though, just in case.