Ubuntu 11.10 Task Bars Classic

Having upgraded to 11.10 classic from 11.4 classic I am stumped. In 11.4 I was able to remove the bottom Task window bar as that is where I put my Cairo dock.

Is there any way to remove just the bottom task/window bar? If not how do you remove both top and bottom bars.

There seems to be less functions in 11.10 to add or remove items.

Thanks in advance.

11.10 uses Gnome-Fallback, which is LIKE Gnome 2 Classic which 11.04 used, but not entirely the same.

IIRC, you can’t remove the bottom panel, but let me go check fallback mode and I’ll post a solution if I find one.

Remove Bottom Panel in gnome-session-fallback

Thanks for this , had to install dconf-editor first but then worked OK.