Ubuntu 12.04 LTS released today - as if you didn't already know

As if you didn’t know, today is the day Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (codename = Perverted Penguin, or Phoney Peacock, or Pubescent Parrot, or Pungent Pilchard, or Preposterous Poodle, or something - sorry, I may have got a little carried away there :wink: ) is officially released … it’s available on the Ubuntu download page:

Desktop edition:

Server edition:

ARM edition:

Business Desktop Remix (whatever that is):

or ALL images (including PowerPC, Alternate Install, and DVD versions) from here:

And just in case you’re wondering (I know I was) what the DVD version is …

I’d expect their servers to be a somewhat slower today than at most other times, in fact I had trouble connecting to the download servers at all, but once it did offer me the ISO it downloaded pretty quickly :slight_smile:

Now I’ve just got to listen to the pair of devils on my shoulders … one whispering “upgrade”, the other “fresh install” ???

Already a step ahead of you. Haha.

Currently testing the desktop version. Since I don’t have Peppermint 2 anymore, I waited until Precise was released. Seemed the best thing to do.

The first thing I did was install Gnome-shell. As much as I love Unity, Gnome-shell has become like my new toy. I don’t mind if it’s not as fast as Peppermint, but it’s pretty now…

Much more than I can say for Windoze…

I’m so glad I don’t have those two devils, because I’d most definitely clean install.

Will write a review in 4/5 days after I’ve used it in anger.

MATE 1.2 is available (has its own repository) for 11.10 and 12.04 if you wanna go back to a more Gnome 2.x desktop.

MATE is a GNOME 2 (which is now unmaintained) fork that lets you use the old GNOME 2 interface. It uses renamed packages and applications so it doesn't conflict with GNOME 3 and you can have both MATE and GNOME3 installed in the same time, something which isn't possible with the vanilla GNOME 2.

Can’t say I’ve tried it myself in Ubuntu (yet), but it was quick when I tried it in Mint.