Ubuntu 13:04

I have ordered a Linux Ubunto 13:04 on eBay. I read somewhere that 13:04 will only be supported for a few months. Is it worthwhile putting it on or is it 13:014 just temporary to make way for an upgrade on 13:04 which would be supported.

When 13.10 is released, 13.04 will offer to update itself to 13.10 … so don’t panic :wink:

Dunno why you “ordered” it though … why didn’t you just download the ISO yourself ?

It was only 99p including p/p on eBay and I would always have the disc.

It would have been just as cheap to burn your own disk … and you’d know it hadn’t been tampered with :wink:

I received the disc this morning but instead of Ubuntu on the disk, it says Lubuntu. Is this a new kind of Ubuntu.

Lubuntu is Based on Ubuntu and shares it’s software repositories, but with the LXDE desktop environment instead of Unity:

Ubuntu = Ubuntu with the Unity desktop environment
Kubuntu = Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment
Xubuntu = Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop environment
Lubuntu = Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop environment

See a pattern here :wink:

Personally I’m not a huge fan of Unity, so I think they may have done you a favour … my favourite distro (Peppermint) is based on Lubuntu, but with (IMHO) more polish.

What is LXDE ?

Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment

A lightweight and very fast desktop … possibly not as feature rich as things like Gnome/KDE/Unity … but most of the missing features can either be added or aren’t necessary in the first place.

Lubuntu/Peppermint are great choices for older hardware, or will be “screaming fast” on newer hardware … but both have easy access to all the same software as the more bloated Ubuntu.

Don’t like it much, cant find the launcher for it. Not user friendly like Ubuntu 12:04

Hi Bill

You can still download the Ubuntu ISO from here http://www.ubuntu.com/download burn it to a DVD or a USB drive and install it if that’s what you prefer


Sorry, but that’s funny … oddly I can’t find the “Unity” launcher in Windows/KDE/Gnome/Xfce either … kinda odd that I can only find it in Unity :wink: ← sorry goldtopia, just pulling your leg, but I couldn’t resist that one

Bit baffled by “not as user friendly” … in what way, I’d have thought the user interface was more like Windows ???

BTW, If you want a dock bar, you can add one in LXDE … see Emegras desktop … which is also LXDE


Mark I hope your aware i’ve got a copyright on that desktop

You’ll be hearing from my lawyers :slight_smile:

You are the one that made it public domain, and I see no copyright notice :wink:

Oh, and I’m not “supplying” it … I claim carrier status until I receive a takedown notice.