Ubuntu 14.0.4

So a few years have passed since I was here. I have an old Acer laptop Aspire 5536 and just loaded up an Ubuntu demo/installer dvd which loads up fine and gives me the option to demo/install or manual. I select demo install and everything is fine up to a request for my user name and password? Neither of which I have. So what username and password is it asking for! Can any body help me with this please.

You select “demo install” … erm I’m confused, the options should be “Try Ubuntu” or “Install Ubuntu”, which did you choose ?

If you chose “Try Ubuntu” it really shouldn’t ask you for a username/password … but if it does, try:
Username: ubuntu

If on the Other hand you selected “Install Ubuntu”, then it’s likely asking what username and password you want to set.

Thank you Mark
Yes my mistake Install/Try is correct. To install it asks for user name and password to login and whatever I enter it replies with login or password incorrect so can’t get any further. I will try out what you have suggested.
Eventually I only want to run Ubuntu and get rid of Windows, would it be advisable to re format the hardrive and still boot and install from the disc.

Is this a standard Ubuntu ISO burnt to DVD, or is it a magazine coverdisk ?

In any case I’d probably not be installing it in the first place, Ubuntu 14.04 is pretty old, and support will end next year. If I were installing right now I’d probably be tempted to either install the Ubuntu 18.04 beta2, or wait a week and a half for the final release.

It was down loaded on line, I’m in no hurry so will do as you suggest and hang fire, many thanks Mark will report back.