Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade

Is it worth updating my 12.10 to Ubuntu 14.04? what do you think.

If you’re on 12.10 … YES … 12.10 will no longer be receiving updates

If you’re on 12.04 (which was a long term support release) … up to you.

You can check your version with:

cat /etc/lsb-release

Looks like I am on 12.04.02 LTS so, will the new version take up less space on the hard drive allowing for all the updates from 12.04? because I am running out of space fast (too many photos). Dose the old version get removed?

Not really probably about the same size … updates don’t take up space as the original gets removed/overwritten.

If you want to claim a little space back, try running:

sudo apt-get autoremove


sudo apt-get clean

Yes the old version gets removed, but if you’re short of hard drive space it may be best to stick with 12.04 … the upgrade process itself requires hard drive space as it has to download the new stuff and unpack it before removing the old, so for a while it’ll require enough room for both, and probably some working space too.

Thanks Mark.

I think it need to have a clear out first.