Ubuntu 16.04 and "classic view" [Solved]

I have just been offered an upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 LTS. I didn’t understand most of the information in the release notes but the main thing that I am keen to preserve is the “Classic View” (gnome fall-back) as I find the Unity Desktop exceptionally unappealing and awkward to use. Indeed, the five elderly friends whose Linux needs look after also prefer the classic view.

Although I am fairly confident that I can preserve classic view in the new version I thought it wise, before taking the plunge, to seek the guidance of my fellow Forum Members. So: am I safe to continue?

Many thanks,

Lenovo T500 laptop

I don’t know if it’ll be installed by default by the upgrade as IIRC it was called gnome-session-fallback previously but is now called gnome-session-flashback.

But even if it doesn’t get installed automagically during the upgrade process, you should be able to install it manually … see here:


Many thanks, Mark - I would have been trying “gnome-session-fallback” as before and regretting upgrading!

By the way; what’s the difference between the Metacity and Compiz options?

It’s just the compositor for the window decorations

Ah - thanks for explaining that.
I shall upgrade my laptop to check everything else is OK before upgrading my friends’.