Ubuntu 20.10 anyone?

I’ve just forced ubuntu to go to 20.10. We have a super-slow connection here (ASDL) so getting the downloads took just under an hour. However, the process was really fast. I’d just moved ‘Home’ to another disk and I must admit I wondered if the new download would ping Ubuntu to the four winds. However, it was hitch free. My PC is used almost entirely for gaming so I always wonder if anything will run afterwards. And of course it did… I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference except Thunderbird seems to have had a makeover and I can shift the icons about on the Application Grid to my heart’s content. I must admit the arrangement of those icons always irritated me! Has anyone else gone for it and what are your thoughts?

Hello Tilia - and welcome to the Forum.

I, too, am always amazed (and relieved) when an upgrade works. I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on a desktop I was building for a friend but the login process ignored me and I had to install 18.04 instead - so you were lucky.

Which version of Thunderbird do you now have? I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 with Thunderbird 68.10.0 and there are no icons in the main panel to move around - or do you mean the left-hand pane where the email “folders” are listed?


I’m using Thunderbird 78.5 The icons I mean are on the gnome desktop. Sorry, I should have been more precise! - I was forced to have them listed alphabetically before but now I can drag them anywhere. It’s rather fun.

Thanks for the welcome!! It’s nice to see a Linux forum in the UK! :wink:

You are welcome, Tilia.
Linux is certainly fun to play around with, especially when one gets into writing scripts. We hope to see you here again.


By the way: If the icons you refer to are the big ones down the left hand side, then you are using the default “Unity Desktop” that most people hate.
If you want to try a more user-friendly and more intuitive desktop, then you might find “Classic View” to be more to your liking. Let us know if you want to try it.