Ubuntu and spyware


That’s all over the web, and I’d have to agree it’s not something I like the idea or direction of.

It must be said the Amazon search thingy is supposed to be easily disable, and they’ve made no attempt to cover up that fact.

I suppose it’s a toss up between Canonicals right to try to monetise Ubuntu, and your right to use/not use it.

At least Canonical are happy to tell you how to disable it … do you think M$, Google, Apple would do the same ?

It’s surely a slippery slope, but it’s Canonicals choice to slide down it or not … personally I think they’re mad (and will loose even more users), but who am I to tell them what to do.


swapped my spare laptop to solusOS because i don’t like the way it’s going but hey you are right mark it’s there choice (it is a shame all the same)