Ubuntu crash

Whilst installing ubuntu 10 to my second hard drive everything goes well until half the files have been copied to the drive then the installation crashes.
Has anybody come across this?

Just a thought… have you told it to download and install updates whilst installing, but have no wired (NOT wireless) internet connection?

Have you also tested the CDROM for defects… maybe another bad burn, or your CDROM drive having problems reading the disk?

If this isn’t the problem… can you tell us a bit about your hardware, and what you mean by “crashes”.

Had not ticked the download box… as the files are being copied a box comes up saying the installation has crashed with information saying that it might be a bad disk or drive etc. The boot Cd is good and as far as the second hard drive is mentioned that checks out Ok . I am installing to my second drive and keeping XP on my main drive. Should I partition or set up this second drive any special way?

So can you boot the LiveCD to a working desktop by selecting “Try Ubuntu” instead of “Install Ubuntu” during the boot process?

Sounds like a disk space issue to me…

What did you tell the installer to do at the “Allocate drive space” screen? … ie. is there enough unallocated room for Ubuntu?


If not, select the “Advanced partitioning tool” link on the above screen, and delete any partitions on the drive… once done… reboot… and when you get to this screen the second time, select “Use entire disk”.

Basically the minimum you want is an ext4 partition mounted as /
and a swap partition that’s roughly twice the size of your installed RAM, mounted as swap

But if you want to use the entire drive, just delete any partitions, and tell Ubuntu to use the entire disk… it should create the partitions for you.

yes…running in try mode is O.K. On install I clicked use entire disk(71.45gb)

Try what I said, and delete any partitions that are already present on that drive… then reboot, and select “use entire disk”.

You’re not using some kind of RAID (in the BIOS) are you?

Not using Raid…
allowed to use whole disk but still crashes.

I would post/attach a screen shot but cannot figure how to do it!

can you explain what you mean by “crashes”… are there any error messages?

To display a screenshot, you will have to upload it to an online service such as Flikr… then enter the URL of the picture in your post, and enclose it in image tags… this can be done manually, or by hihglighting the URL then clicking the “Insert Image” button (above, under the B button)

Have cleared my drive D …empty space & not formatted.
The crash alert is as screen shot.


Having trouble with image…so the following is what is in the error box.

The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the cd/dvd, to burn the cd/dvd at alower speed, to clean the cd/dvd drive lens, to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.

I’ve edited the image URL for you.

OK, the error message is quite specific, there is an I/O error with either your CD drive, the CDROM itself, or your hard drive.

a) Try checking the CD for Errors, by holding the Shift key as soon as the BIOS POST screen disappears, then selecting “Check CDROM for defects” (or similar)… run this test at least twice, just to check it isn’t the CDROM drive itself having problems reading the disk… DO NOT do this in a different PC or CD drive, do it in the CD drive you are trying to install from.

b) Run a FULL scan of the hard drive including checking for bad sectors (aka. surface scan).

Your system obviously has no problem running Ubuntu, it’s just having problems copying it to the hard drive… suggesting read problems with the CD (just because you can boot to the LiveCD desktop, does NOT mean it can read the whole CD), or it’s attempting to write to bad sectors on the hard drive.

My guess would be a “bad burn” of the LiveCD… try burning another one at a lower speed, then check it for errors.

I don’t use Flikr, but when I attempt to go to YOUR images URL it wants me to sign in… is there no way of setting the pics as “public” ?
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OK, I’ve set myself up a Flikr account to test…

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