Ubuntu download not working

I have just downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 to run alongside Windows 8.1. Ubuntu appeared to download correctly, but will not run.
At switch on time, I select Ubuntu [not Windows] and nothing happens for 10 sec, then I get the message “Windows failed to start”. Insert installation disk and restart computer.
Selecting Windows works fine.
Any ideas, please?

Is this a laptop ? … what’s the make/model ?

I take it Ubuntu works from the LiveCD, and that it’s the installed version that doesn’t boot ?

Thanks for replying. My machine is a new laptop Asus X550CA. It came installed with Windows 8 [now upgraded to 8.1]. I downloaded Ubuntu directly directly to my machine; there is no CD. It is the version I downloaded and installed that doesn’t work. At the installation stage I was asked to load the CD, although there isn’t one.

You cannot install Ubuntu from within Windows … you need to burn the ISO image to either a CD/DVD or a USB stick … then boot to it … then install

If you need help burning to a CD/DVD or USB stick, just ask :slight_smile:

Thank you for that. I’ll download to a USB stick and see how I get on.

You might want to read up on that, as you cannot just copy the iso onto the USB stick. :wink:
You could try LinuxLive USB Creator (works on Windows)

I’m REALLY intrigued as what this “installation” was!
Where did you obtain “Ubuntu” from?

Hmm … apparently they brought WUBI back

I really wish they hadn’t … from a support perspective it’s a nightmare.

Oh. My. God.

OP - Do NOT use wubi, it is buggy as hell and does not work in a lot of cases. Plus it’s slow.
Use LinuxLiveUSBCreator (Download to create a USB “install disk” (it will wipe the USB drive completely, so use a blank one or one you don’t mind getting wiped), then reboot your computer with the USB stick still plugged in