Ubuntu getting slow [solved]

You can easily obtain that information:

df -h /dev/sdc5

Thanks SeZo,

41% full. Doesn’t even slightly explain all the disk accessing, especially as I understand that fragmentation isn’t a problem in Linux.

I suppose I’m down to the nuclear option…

I’m still gnawing away at this, and beginning to think it’s got something to do with the way the disk containing Ubuntu and Windows is partitioned.

Does the following look right?

Thanks for any opinions…

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The images I just removed looked perfectly OK to me, but then I can’t see what that command/coutput has to do with “partitioning” ?
(that just told you how space was being utilised on those partitions)

Sorry to revisit this thread after so long.

Just thought it might be helpful to tell you that it looks like the motherboard is the problem… Sound, wi-fi and ethernet are now causing random problems.

Just about to start a new thread, asking for motherboard recommendations…

I’ll mark this solved. Thanks for your help, folks.