Ubuntu has it's cap out ...

It seems money is becoming more important!

  • there’s a really cool suggestion box (scroll down on this link) but it seems to be missing the option that says;
stop ******* around with new features and focus on stability and bugs ...

I do find it strange that for a company who seem to want to promote Linux and ultimately monetise it, “Ohhh Shiney” always takes first place ahead of those of us who actually want to “use” it [!]

Couldn’t agree more … I’m also waiting for “Cut” to disappear from the right-click menu :wink:

I’ll give OS X one thing, and one thing only … the networking seems polished (at least for home users) … other than that I consider it the bastardised inbred mountain cousin of Linux.

Canonical seem to want to turn Ubuntu into a “free OS X” but without doing the hard work of sorting core issues … just an OS X veneer that’s doing nobody any favours … least of all THEM, nobody wants a free OS X, Apple fans want Apple and Linux fans want stability and security over purple and shiney.

I’ve been playing with OS X recently (not because I want to, but because my son needs it for college), and was amazed at how much effort Canonical seem to have put into making Ubuntu look like it … IMHO they have their priorities all wrong.

C’mon Canonical, work out the kinks in the core features … THEN, make it an OS X lookalike if you must.

From a personal perspective, I think the OS X interface blows chunks compared to most Linux DE’s anyway … so even the veneer sucks.

Canonical seem to make all the wrong moves just lately. With the Amazon fiasco (not even going to mention Unity) then the begging bowl (hat)
they seem to be getting into trouble with their fan-base around every corner.

As for the OS X look, there is Pear Linux with its Ubuntu 12.04 base. http://pearlinux.fr/
Not exactly a runaway success. :-\

Good advice would be to Canonical - Let the community decide the direction for Ubuntu (then might even consider donating)

i know this one is not ubuntu based but it is a os x look alike but not a bsd like os x is ( based on freebsd to start with with help from nextstep and opendarwin )
it uses rpm http://www.fuduntu.org/index.php