Ubuntu Installation Not Working in Battery Mode

I have a few serious issues with my Ubuntu installation, all of them only when working with the battery. I have dual boot between W10 and Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and both of them work perfectly when charging, but once using battery only UBUNTU is the only one who doesn’t work! The problems:

  1. Random Blinking; 2) Crashes/Frozen WHITE screen after unlocking my session or recovering from suspension mode; 3) The scariest one: Random sounds of electrical shocks, equal to the sound of a hard reset shutdown! 4) More recently whenever I tried to reboot my PC it asks my password and it unlocks to the desktop but just for a few seconds before freezing!

To prove my idea I tried to reboot my PC and each time after my password Desktop ends up freezing. To restart I use de alt+sysqr+ reisub shortcut but I end up freezing again. BUT at the moment that I turn the power adapter on it goes smooth! In some crash/freezing situation, my PC goes to a command screen (picture below) before going to the password unlock screen again and crashing definitely.

[IMG] https://imgur.com/a/lFR6TcD

I really don’t want to re install UBUNTU before exploring all sugestions. I already tried with a live Cd I ran the try Ubuntu, and I was able to initiate and work (both battery mode and plug in), the problem was that every time that I tried to reboot, log out or shut down all my attempts resulted in a crash/freeze. I ran Gparted to check for partition problems and nothing was found.

I would appreciate more suggestions.

Hint: A few days ago I installed preload, tlp and cpufreq. But I had everything associated with them removed(I think)

Specs: SO: Ubuntu 18.04 lts

PC: MSI GE62 Apache Pro IntelCore I7 NVidea GTX960m