UBUNTU is so confusing???

Hi Mark, Ive somehow managed to delete my auto eth0 and i cannot get my ps3 to connect to internet through ubuntu. even before i deleted the auto eth0 i could not get my ps3 and pc to share the internet, the ethernet simply would not connect? oh BTW this is a fresh install of ubuntu again. I installed windows (really wish i hadn’t) and it got rid of ubuntu so i had to reinstall :(.

What is the setup ?




In these 3 examples, the interface in bold needs to have its connection method set to “Share to other computers” on the IPv4 tab in Network Manager.

More info here:

Ok I dont quite get it, sorry, I have pc connected to ps3 with ethernet, then my internet is a USB Dongle which is plugged into the Pc also.

I deleted auto eth0, now i have auto ethernet as wired connection, but the mac address is empty, how do i know wot to put in here? also the sharing box in IPv4 is enabled.,

You don’t have to put anything in the 2 MAC Addresses fields.

well it still isn’t working :frowning:

Hi Mark, Well i got the ethernet to connect, im an idiot, in the ipv4 tab there is a drop down box, that needed changing to share with other computers (i thought the little box which you tick did that) but I still cant get my ps3 to connect to the internet through it??

Actually i think it may work fine now, i get the error “80710A06” when trying to sign into the PSN (playstation network) but a google search of the error code reveals that psn may infact be down. :slight_smile: for now lol

thanks for your help mark.