Ubuntu + KVM Desktop Hardware Compatibility

Helllo all,

I am looking for another Linux build because my current setup is not playing very well.
Current setup is…
Gigabyte X79-UP4
LGA 2011 3930K 6 core
32 Gig Dominator Plat Ram C12
2x MSI AMD R290
1000 P2 EVGA PSU
256GB 840pro
1TB 850Evo
4TB WD Black
3x 1TB Seagate Barracuda

Until yesterday I was running ESXi with GPU passthrough on Windows 10, the only reason I was running Windows is because I could’nt get passthrough to work on Linux. However, my thought now is to run KVM and have Ubuntu as the main OS. I have had some trouble with the X79 chipset and passing through SATA controllers for RAID0 (fake raid) there seams to be a lot of bugs on the BIOS.

I dont play games, the GPUs are for cracking passwords. All my work is carried out on about 30VMs mostly Linux with about 10 active at any one time.

The CPU is really good, I can pretty much throw anything at it, but the problem is the chipset.

Any thoughts for another build, or maybe just a better motherboard, not sure I can get away from all the X79 issues without a full rebuild?