Ubuntu.. missing after upgrade!!

Hi have been running Ubuntu along side Windows 7 for some time which has been a pleasure to use compared with Windows. Prompted with an upgrade instruction I commenced to download the files and start the upgrade process which seemed to take some time. However when I start ubuntu a long list of instruction code appears showing (ok) ------ accept to the point of ‘starting to show plymouth boot screen’ statement appears followed by the flashing cursor and then nothing!! i.e. no key board intervention has any effect and my lap top just hangs in this state. I have to shut down completely. Any ideas on this or do I have to reload Ubuntu from scratch?

Does hitting Ctrl+Alt+f2 when you’re at the flashing cursor drop you to a text console ?

Hi Mark… thanks for reply. Ctrl+Alt+F2 asks me to login but doesn’t accept login password? just returns login detail incorrect?

It’ll likely be that you have a strange key repeat on when typing in a console, I have to be very positive with keystrokes, not stay on the key for too long, and leave a second or so between keystrokes when entering my password in a console.

Try again and let me know.

Hi Mark… no matter what I try still unable to login… keeps repeating login incorrect!! :frowning:

Still in the same situation, locked out during upgrade! keeps repeating password incorrect? so since my last post in August have reverted back to using windows 7

Okay, try following this tutorial to reset the password:

Hi Mark…will give it a try and report back. Thanks

I feel I have embarassed myself with this problem. I’ts the Login that’s not being accepted which has to be correct before entering a password
and that’s what I have trouble with! My login is showing incorrect…I have not changed it at any time so can’t get passed this first hurdle so can’t log in?

try login as an admin. user name is: root
and the password would be the default one whatever your distribution has or whatever you have changed it to.
after that just change what you need or even create the new user and delete the old one :wink:

Hi Sneaky Tommy… tried what you suggested but no difference. Still shows login incorrect_basically after entering login and hit return
password request will not allow any characters input. If I then press return the next line shows login incorrect!

Will it let you login as a guest ?

Hi Mark… no just messages login incorrect

Even when you select the “Guest” account ?

Have you got an Ubuntu LiveDVD/LiveUSB ?

If so, boot to it and post the output from

sudo fdisk -l


sudo blkid

Hi Mark This is the situation. Windows7 dual boot_Ubuntu first boot option all working fine until upgrade message appeared and from then on all went wrong. First option Ubuntu in boot up now results in a blank screen and hangs. Next option advanced settings selecting Ubuntu with Linux (recovery mode) when generic is selected a scrolling screen of data results and terminates with the request to login:
Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS penndrow-xxxxxx-xxxx tty1
penndrow-xxxxxx- xxxx login: _

I would go for what Mark has suggested. Basically get any liveCD distribution. It doesnt matter which one, CD or USB.
Boot into that system (liveCD) and open terminal and get the root access. You can tell that you have root privileges by having # character in terminal instead of $. You can also use ‘sudo’ command to execute commands as root.
for example to create a folder in /root folder you can use

sudo mkdir /root/new_folder

Basically what i mean is to boot using liveCD, then from terminal you can ‘login’ remotely to your existing Ubuntu system on the harddrive. From that point, because you are already as root on liveCD, you can change whatever you want in your Ubuntu system,for example changing password for root or create/delete user accounts etc.

First of all please provide us with the output from these commands Mark has posted before. i mean sudo fdisk -l and sudo blkid.
After that we can tell you step by step how to chroot into your old system. Documentation to support above (as point of interest if above doesnt really make any sense):

is there another option that doesn’t end with “recovery mode” in the GRUB advanced menu ?

If so, what happens if you try that ?

Hi Mark… This is the options that come up:
(1) Ubuntu this option just creates a blank screen which hangs
(2) Advanced options
(3) Memory test (memtest 86+)
(4) Memory test (memtest 86+) serial console 115200
(5) Windows recovery Enviroment
(6) Windows 77 (loader)

From advanced options i have the following options:

Ubuntu, with Linux 3.19.0-58 generic
Ubuntu, with Linux 3.19.0-58 generic (recovery mode)
The above messages are repeated except for 0-58 I get 0-56, 0-51, 0-49, 0-25
If I select the first boot option line as above, my screen blanks and the laptop just hangs. If I select the same option but with recovery mode
I get a scrolling screen of data which ends in the request for a login, which returns Login incorrect!

I don’t have the USB ubuntu boot program…it got wiped by mistake a while back.

Do you know how to add “nomodeset” to the kernel boot line in GRUB ?

Hi mark, thank’s for comming back to me. I have no idea with respect to your question as computer technical jargo means nothing to me. However I’m willing to try if it’s not likely to create any problems, otherwise can I revert back to putting back Windows 7 as the first boot option. Kind Regards