Ubuntu mobile

This link may be of interest to some.


Nice … Unity kinda make sense on the tablet.

I’ll post the video here too:-

(WARNING - Mark Shuttleworth presentation)

Ya. I just downloaded it and fell at the first hurdle. I have a spare Google Nexus S, but apparently it doesn’t have enough RAM (512M) to run Ubuntu-phone … I’m wondering how many people are going to commit their ‘new’ devices … there’s no way the ‘preview’ version is going anywhere near my Nexus 4 … (!)

Just got a Galaxy note 2 and I am not risking either! I think it’s a step in the right direction. We need Linux to be available to mobile devices. I have often commented on these forums about my dislike of Google’s Andriod OS. It is invasive and insecure, so much so that I HAVE to root to deny permissions etc. My wife’s phone isn’t rooted and her details are often plundered by ppi sharks and the like.

Still haven’t got an Android phone (and maybe never will), but I’ve had a play with jellybean on a tablet and I was overwhelmingly underwhelmed.

From what I’ve seen, I can’t help wondering what all the fuss is about … maybe it’s fine for phones (dunno), but IMHO it sucks for tablets and a full blown Linux would blow it out of the water.

If Canonical/Ubuntu can pull this off, more power to them … hell it may even interest me in a tablet … so yeh, I’d give t a go on a tablet :wink: