Ubuntu netbook edition

Can anyone explain the real reasoning behind the netbook edition of Ubuntu. When I initially installed Ubuntu 10,10 onto my netbook it ran the netbook edition, which was somewhat incompatible with the help documentation (this was vastly confusing for a Linux newbie such as myself). I eventually realised I could run the normal desktop edition at the login screen.

I’ve read the Ubuntu blurp about the network edition, but quite frankly after trying it out I find it bit clunky. Does anyone agree or am I just being ignorant?

Though you’d really have to ask Canonical… I’d guess the original UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) was an attempt to come up with an interface optimised for the smaller screens of netbooks, remember at the time the netbook market was just taking off, and they were predominantly Linux, so I guess Canonical had an eye on getting OEM’s to pre-install it.

I agree with you about the 10.10 UNE (Ubuntu Netbook Edition) … Unity on 10.10 was clunky, which is probably why most people (me included) were so worried when they announced 11.04 was to ship with Unity as the default desktop.

From what I read though, the version of Unity in 11.04 is supposed to be MUCH improved (performance wise)… though I’ve been unable to test this myself, as I can’t for the life of me get 11.04 beta1 to run properly in Virtualbox 4… so for now I’ll have to take others word for it… I’ll give it a whirl when it goes final.

I “think” they’re looking to scrap the netbook edition … it looks like it was just a way of getting “unity” out there for beta testing … :wink: