Ubuntu or Peppermint? Hmm.

Yeah, it’s time to change distro (or upgrade) now. Natty is just really p***ing me off. Especially whenever I try to play HD videos. There’s lot of little nigs and nags that just frustrate me. Things like the “connect to server” option not working properly (from natilus), the stupid compiz effects that are apart of Unity that eat my resources like a horse, So it’s time for me to give the lappy a nice little upgrade.

I wasn’t planning upgrading until Precise Pangolin is released in April, but I don’t think I can take the resource eating Natty any longer. So I’ve narrowed my choice down either, upgrading to Oneiric or the Precise Alpha/Beta or trying a whole new desktop enviroment, but still have the backing of Ubuntu’s libraries and backend, but a much stabler version.

So I’d like so personal opinions on how people like Peppermint Two, and/or the Precise alpha. I’ve tested Oneiric in a VM many times.

I’d steer clear of an alpha, half the stuff will either not be present yet or broken.

I’m more than happy with Peppermint, and if you are concerned abut resources … Peppermint is the one.

Expect to have to find new ways of achieving (some) things though … LXDE is not as GUI feature rich as Gnome or Unity … but so far there’s been no show stoppers … I love it and I’m in two minds whether to install it on my main PC too :slight_smile:

Ubuntu is slightly easier to configure.

Peppermint is faster and less bloated.

The choice is yours … why not take Peppermint for a spin on a LiveUSB and see if you can live with its simpler interface.

Can’t take it for a test drive on a USB because mines is broken… remember? :stuck_out_tongue:
The LXDE looks very simple, which will be nice because Unity is just too… overwhelming. I just want simple. >.<

Currently making a list of things I’ll need to reinstall, then I’ll back-up my stuff, and then install Peppermint via CD.

Good luck, hope it all goes well :slight_smile:

Haha, same here. I don’t want a repeat of upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04 >.< So I’m taking all precautions. I’ve backed-up my back-up. I’ll have the CD burning at X4 to ensure a proper job, and I’m just checking the MD5 hash-sums.

Hahaha … nothing like a screwed up upgrade to make one cautious ;D


Or in my (last) case … a stupid mistake with the file system ::slight_smile:

Hahahaha. XD

``` dd ```

Oh sh*t!!!

I remember! :smiley:

SO DO I … :wink:

hehehe. transferring files over a network takes forever :frowning: I need an NAS.

Hmm … how long have you been saying that for ?


Isn’t that a self contradiction …

a) transferring files over a network takes forever


b) I need an NAS

been on peppermint2 for a couple of months and have it both on my netbook 1 gig of ram and desktop half a gig both run mega fast and do everything i need, so give it a try,

I know, I know. I’ve been saying it since last year. >.< Just don’t have pennies to spend. :frowning:

In a way, yes it is a contradiction because both sentences relate to a network, but the NAS is a dedicated server for storage… nodes aren’t. >.<

Well looks like I won’t be getting Peppermint anytime soon then. I’ve burned two disks, a CD-R and a DVD-R, and both failed. CD-R just didn’t work properly and DVD-R kept getting an I/O Buffer Error. Yet, it’s the only OS I’ve ever had problems burning to a disk. Weird eh? MD5 Sums were identical, so no idea whats gone wrong in the burning process, because I burned Ubuntu onto the same kind of CD-R without any problems at all. :confused:

No idea, when I’ll be able to get a hold of a USB stick, a couple of new discs, won’t be soon that for sure. >.>

Guess I’ll have to stick with Natty. urgh.

I could always downgrade to Ubuntu Jaunty (9.10) as I’ve got the CD, and I’ve got Maverick (10.10) as well. Hmm.

Damn … I wanted to know what you thought of Peppermint 8)

Which application are you using to burn it ?

Have you got another PC that you could try burning the disk on ?

BTW, Jaunty Jackalope was 9.04 … 9.10 was Karmic Koala :slight_smile:

Yeah I wanted to try it as well. I was using Img Burn through WINE like I normally do.

Yeah there’s my brothers box and my mums new W7 box too. Unfortunately, I’ve got no more disks. Unless I can get a mate to lend me some. (Currently asking XD).

Oh, well it’s Karmic then. (I need to change the title on the disk. :P)

What was the problem with you booting from LiveUSB ?

Erm … yes … I saw that … but WHAT is broken … USB ports, USB stick, BIOS (doesn’t see stick), BIOS (won’t boot from stick), etc. ?

You can’t expect me to remember everything :wink:

USB controller doesn’t like it. The USB starts disconnecting itself when plugged in, so the controller doesn’t recognise it, then if I start up the laptop with it in, it eventually see’s it… until I take it out again. XD But again, it’s totally experimental. You can never be sure the USB will work when plugged in whilst starting up. Shame, because it’s 8GB.

Looks like I’ll be able to get a hold of some blanks discs next Saturday thanks to my eldest brother. Should be able to test then.