Ubuntu Software unavailable

Hi. I’m new here; and relatively new to linux.

I’ve installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my daughter’s relatively old laptop. Everything seems to be working OK (albeit, perhaps a little slow) except that, when I click on the ‘Ubuntu Software’ there is nothing available. When I first installed it, I turned off the updates, etc. (partly because I had a problem with installing it on an identical unit of mine - and the only way to cure it was to install and turn off updates). I thought this might be the reason for the lack of software, so I turned some of the updates on and it seemed to work. However, it has now stopped and there is no software available again.

Has anyone got any suggestions, and is there any other info that might make things clearer?



In addition to the above (which I noticed unfortunately no one seemed to have any suggestions for), my wife’s laptop, which I also installed U16.04 on, has the same problem. When trying to access the Ubuntu Software, all I get is the message “No application data found”. The internet connection is fine.

Please, any suggestions?


What happens if you open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update

do you get any errors ?

Before I try this, will this command update Ubuntu to the latest version?

If so, I don’t want it to, because, when I installed the latest version before (18.??, I think) it screwed up - on both laptops. The only way I could get it to work was to install 16.04 and disable all the updates.

No it won’t, ii just updates the package cache (it makes NO changes to your system) … I only want you to run it to see if it reports any errors that indicate a problem with your sources.

After entering the code (and password), I got “Reading package lists… Done”

Is this what you were expecting?