Ubuntu v Peppermint on my old laptop

Hello guys, was still waiting for the Linux guy to come and do my old HP laptop which had Peppermint 3 on it and not heard nowt, so had rang a computer shop to at least put in the new HD and RAM (thinking I’d had to install a Linux distro myself with lots of help from folks here)- well I was lucky as the man said he could even install Linux on it all for £20! Great deal! I thought, then mentioned it to my colleague where I volunteer who said he can do all that for nothing! He mentioned putting Ubuntu on it also ( I think he has a few distro boot CDs) and I said I didn’t much care which distro I have as long as it all works.

Questions: is Ubuntu as compatible with Firefox as Peppermint? I want Firefox, and as for the drivers for my scanner would that be different to the one I have for my Mint netbook?

I’m still having fun with the Chromebook by the way- it is very fast and easy to use. The only downsides are no drivers for my scanner and CD drawer.

Oh and I noticed when looking up Ubuntu online that now in the USA one can buy laptops with Ubuntu already installed:

Hi Melissa

Questions: is Ubuntu as compatible with Firefox as Peppermint? I want Firefox, and as for the drivers for my scanner would that be different to the one I have for my Mint netbook?

Linux Mint & Peppermnt are both Ubuntu based so what works in one will almost certainly work in the other so Firefox ie will work equally well in any of these distros and the same applies to your scanner, so what distro you decide on will depend on your own preferences.

Of the 3 distros you mentioned Peppermint is the lightest so may be the better choice for older hardware with limited resources and may be inclined to run a bit faster the the other 2 ,

Mint & Peppermint run with traditional desktops whereas Ubuntu runs with the Unity desktop which is a bit more non standard and may take a bit more getting used to although easy to use once you get the hang of it.

So the choice is yours Melissa, good luck whatever way you go


I have an old Dell D520 (ex-XP) which runs Mint 17.1 Xfce very well and is connected to my TV. Xfce version is a lighter-weight one than the main versions so might serve you well too? Firefox is the default browser and runs fine.


PS - I tried installing Mint 17.3 initially but there was an issue with the graphics driver (black screen at startup) so reverted to v17.1 and all went well. Good this Linux innit? ;D

Thanks guys, knew that Peppermint is lighter on the desktop- I mentioned that to the chap. I shall ask him if he has peppermint 6. Otherwise I think Mark gave me a link to it to burn it onto a CD and give it to my colleague- that’s what he’d need isn’t it to put it onto my laptop?

Regarding Ubuntu- my first foray into Linux was on the Dell netbook by mother got me from Cash converters ( about 6 years ago now!)- it already had Ubuntu on it when I got it- it was fast and easy to use. Now it’s got Mint on it as I took it to the LUG group that time and they said the Ubuntu was out of date and put Mint on it for me.

If you’re talking about Ubuntu from back in the Gnome 2.x days, expect the new desktop to be quite a bit different :wink:

I used to love Ubuntu when they used Gnome 2.x as their desktop … I can’t stand their newer Unity desktop, in fact it was Unity that made me switch to Peppermint in the first place.

If you want to go with Ubuntu, I’d suggest Ubuntu MATE edition … the MATE desktop is a fork of Gnome 2.x so should be familiar.

Thanks for your reply Mark. I think I will persuade him to load on Peppermint 6 as I found the link. :slight_smile:

Please be aware that Peppermint 7 is just around the corner :wink:

I am, well he’s got it to fix up right now. We could always put 7 on it later.

Hokey Cokey :slight_smile: