Ubuntu WIFI not working


I have a dual-boot Win Vista/Ubuntu Dell Inspiron setup. At present I cannot get any
wifi access; I have no issues in Windows Vista.

Any ideas: :frowning:

Hi aforbes, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this command:
sudo lshw -C network
Then post the output back here.

Be aware … Linux Commands ARE case sensitive … and that command will ask for your password, when you enter it nothing will be echoed to screen (not even *****) but it is going in, just type your password and hit enter.

Can you run:

lspci -vnn

and post the output.

Obviously it would be easier to have your Inspiron connected to your router by an ethernet cable whilst you do this … then you can cut/paste directly from the terminal :slight_smile:

It may also help if you mention the exact model of Inspiron (probably on a sticker on the bottom), so we can look up the spec if necessary.


I did as you suggested and entered sudo lshw -C network.
The reply was: sudo: Ishw: Command not Found.


That’s a lower case L not an I :slight_smile:

lshw stands for list hardware

lspci stands for list PCI devices

You can copy/paste commands from here to the terminal if you need to :wink: