Ubuntu ask to upgrade to 14:04 which I did on two hard disks which are on caddies. Now both of them wont work. It seems they have some bugs. SoI have ordered 14:04 on disc to see if I can load it without problems. Meanwhile I am using Windows 7.

Now both of them wont work.

You need to be a bit less general (or bit more specific) with that statement.
What is not working?
Will not boot etc…
Booted OK but no display etc…
On desktop but display is wonky etc…
And so on.

Hi Bill

These upgrades are notorious for breaking things which is why many distros such as Mint or peppermint don’t do it and recommend a full re-installation

Just out of curiosity what do you mean exactly by “wont work” ?


What is it with 14.04 … Lubuntu 14.04 final seems like it’s only half finished too ::slight_smile:

Doesn’t give the best of impressions when the LTS releases are so damn buggy out of the gate, IIRC 12.04 had its fair share of problems until the .1 release.

Anyway, as SeZo says … you’ll need to be more specific if you require assistance :wink:
(even if you don’t require assistance it could be handy to others to know what problems you experienced)

Downloaded the Ubuntu 14.04 ISO and burned to Disk on K3b .

It installed and updated perfectly.

Running very well.

But Peppermint will remain my “Core” O/S :slight_smile:


It installed but when booted afterwards it took a while to recognise my 17 inch monitor then started doing strange abstract patterns. It went into terminal which looked like a lot of tests. Sometimes a big yellow screen came up with nothing on it. I left it for some considerable time thinking it was trying to sort itself out. But no good. I installed from upgrade again it onto another seperate hard drive which is on a caddy but the same thing happened again. Eventually I had to give up as it was not getting anywhere. I saw a 14:04 version on eBay and decided it might be better to install from a disc instead of a download. So that is what I am waiting for now.

What is K3B ?

Hi Bill

What is K3B ?

K3B is a CD/DVD disc burning utility like Brasero or xfburn

Yeah … it’s KDE’s take on Brasero/Nero/etc.:


A lot of people say it’s better than Brasero … but on a non KDE system it’ll likely pull in a ton of dependencies, not necessarily a problem but something to be aware of

Welcome to K3b - The CD and DVD Kreator

Probably a very good application, but don’t you just hate the way KDE apps replace C’s with K’s … dunno why, but it’s a pet hate of mine :o

Did you know Nero Burning ROM do a commercial Linux version ?

I must admit that my single Windows dependence is still ImgBurn, which runs perfectly under Windows … not that I’ve burned a CD in the last year or so … but it’s there for if I ever need to.

I have put Ubuntu 13:10 back on both hard drives (caddies) , though I still get updates for 14:10 which I am keeping clear of.

Why ? … wassup with 14.04 ?