Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but not new to linux. I have been a linux user since my first Debian installation in 1995. My current custom system set-up is:

Custom system
4 core CPU 32bit
Wired network
Debian 5

Does anyone know what is happening at UKlinux? They have been my ISP for many years.

About 2-3yrs ago they handed me over to ENTA as bandwidth provider and whose service has been excellent. UKlinux however have not answered a service enquiry since. When I tried to upgrade my account they just took the money. No change to my account; no replies to enquiries or complaints. Now, my web page is inaccessible. How long before my email account disappears.

Does anyone have a working relationship with UKlinux/Definite Software?


First, welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure what’s happening with them, but here’s what I do know…

a) I received a call from someone who’s dial-up account (yes apparently some people still use dial-up) witth suddenly stopped working about 3 weeks ago, she couldn’t find a working contact phone number for them, and they were not responding to support email.


b) About a week or so later, I spotted someone else on another Linux forum with a similar problem.


c) As you’ll see on that link… if you follow the “Click here to buy Linux PC’s and software” link on the UKlinux homepage, the “Contact Us” phone number on that page is “out of service”.

If their “Sales” phone number is dead… I’d take that as a bad sign.

I am aware of these guys. I did look for their details earlier in the year … from memory they weren’t added to the Vendors page because there were no contact details on their website …

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hmmm… its not looking good is it. I think alternative arrangements are called for.

Thanks again,

Whatever services you had I can probably offer the same at a discount, but I’m afraid there’s probably not much else we can do …