un co-operative link

Hi Mark
I clicked the link to download Peppermint 3 from your site as suggested.

All I got was " Your Express Burn 14 day free trial has expired" .Then I was transfered to NCH software site.

Can you copy & paste the link here?

Here is the said link.


Are you browsing on Windows or Linux? If Linux, open a terminal and enter this code:

cd ~/Desktop && wget http://www.pcnetspec.co.uk/peppermint3/Peppermint-3-20121105-i386.iso

This should download the file onto your desktop, and you can then burn it to CD/USB stick from there.

OK, you must be telling your browser to open the download in an application.

Instead, right-click the link and select “Save Link As” … point it at your desktop, and save it there.

Its still the same which ever way I do it???

If you navigate to here - http://www.pcnetspec.co.uk/peppermint3
You should get a simple screen listing the directory contents. There’s an MD5 file, and then the iso file. If you right click on the iso file, then click “Save Target As” or whatever the equivalent (you haven’t said what browser you’re using), you should be able to save the file onto the desktop.

Once you’ve got the file on your desktop, you’ll need to burn it onto a spare USB stick. For that, I’d recommend Linux Live USB Creator (linuxliveusb.com/en/download)

Like Mark said, do not try to open the download, just save it.
You must have set Express Burn somewhere to be the default action for ISO files.
Either remove that association or set your browser to download only. Try to RIGHT click on the link and select the option of Save Link AS

Which web browser are you using, and in which OS ?

:slight_smile: Peppermint is now up and running on my AA1 (after a few hiccups). A [b]BIG[b] Thank you guys. A BIG BIG thank you Mark for helping me at the start and pointing me towards Peppermint. Keep up the good work for the sakes of people like me! Well done and THANK YOU once again. I am now going off to learn how to use it all. ???

Well done :slight_smile:

If/when you have any further questions, you know where to find us.

Oh, and you’re most welcome :slight_smile: