Unable to sign into Linux Mint Mate

Hi all,

I very recently installed Linuxmint 19.3 Mate as dual operating system with Windows 10 Home on my Lenovo ideapad v110. I have logged in about 15 or 20 times and now it tells me incorrect password, which is ridiculous as it is only three lowercase letters of my name which is also the same one I use in Windows which still works perfectly. Can anyone tell me how to get past this obstacle. It is annoying as I can’t do anything in Linux until I can get in.
Thanks for any help.

Hello Arimatoko - and welcome to the Forum.

A three-letter password!? Tut! Tut!

A common mistake is to inadvertently have CapsLock on, which is not always immediately obvious - worth checking. Failing that:
Have a look at this web page: How do I reset a lost administrative password? - Ask Ubuntu (you’ll need to scroll down a bit to the main answer)
Although Mint is based on Ubuntu, I’m not sure if this will work with a dual boot machine but it’s worth a try. Come back if it doesn’t.

When you have solved the problem, you must do two things:

  1. Change your password to something secure.
  2. Add a second user with administrative privileges and a different (secure) password.


Hi - and welcome to the forum!

Firstly - did you install both operating systems yourself, and in which order? Or was Windows already on the laptop and you added Linux afterwards?