Unable to start up

Please help asap. Bought a linux based acer laptop online but unable to open it as it shows the screen (image attached ) and I am clueless what to do.

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What happens if you run:



My suggestion would really be to ditch Linpus and install Peppermint 6 … Linpus sucks :wink:

Have you got access to another PC? … Windows or Linux ? … and either a blank CD/DVD or a 1GB or larger USB stick ?

************************************************** **** *The complete license terms can be found in the root directory.* *please type "less /GPL" and "less /COPYRIGHT" to view. * ************************************************** ****

This would suggest that it is waiting for your acceptance of GPL & COPYRIGHT and would not proceed without it.
You could try at the command prompt from [root@localhost /]#

less /GPL

But as Mark suggested you would be better off with a newer distro.


I tried Linpus 9.2 a few years ago when I was pretty new to Linux and ran into the same thing and IIRC I tried checking license/copyright but to no avail … the lack of info on Google also suggests nobody else has discovered what to do next either.

For all we know there may be no DE at all.


I’m not saying don’t try SeZo’s suggestion … it was a while ago and my memory could be off :wink:

But in any case, there are Linpus 9.4 videos on youtube from 6 years ago so 9.2 is going to be even older than that, so my original statement stands … install something else :wink: