Unattended Linux Installations

Is there a version of the Unattended Linux installations for Ubuntu 12.04 Server?

Dude … make your life easier and beg borrow or steal a PS/2 K/B … I’m not even sure the unattended install will get you past the first screen, where you’d have to select “Install Ubuntu” rather than “Try Ubuntu” … at least on a LiveCD.

and I can’t for the life of me remember how the server install goes.

Hahaha, I was actually wanting to put it in a VM.

I’m signing on “the dole” tomorrow, how grim, but I guess it’s money at the end of the day.

Get the money together for a wireless adapter, and your local PC shop will no doubt throw in a second hand PS/2 K/B … he’ll have boxes of the damn things … I have, and if you weren’t at the other end of the country i’d pay you to get rid of em :wink:

Lol, I actually got a PS/2 keyboard with the bloody PC, but I had to carry the tower to the nearest taxi rank, so I didn’t have any other room to carry it. I might phone the guy up and see if he’ll gimme it. XD

My local PC shop is a Maplin. XD I highly doubt a chain-high street market electrical store will give away PS/2 keyboard for nowt.

My local PC shop is a Maplin. XD I highly doubt a chain-high street market electrical store will give away PS/2 keyboard for nowt.

They might not, but on the other hand might have USB->PS/2 adaptors. I surely have plenty of, which come with some USB mice.
Don’t know if it will work with keyboards. Perhaps somebody on this forum can try it?

IIRC, If the Female USB -->Male PS/2 adapter is Purple it will work with most USB K/B’s … if it’s Green, it won’t.




Though most USB keyboards “normally” come with one of these … there’s no guarantee they work with ALL USB keyboards … see the comments on that top link.

Debating whether I should buy a new PS3 mic, or get a PS/2 Keyboard adapter when I’m out tomorrow.

I think I’ll probably return the JACK adapter thing I bought since it’s no good and I’ve got all the original packaging and the reciept. Hopefully they’ll gimme my money back, or limme spend the same amount on some of bits & bobs.

I also have a £10 off discount voucher, lol, but I need to spend a 100 quid. :o

The JACK thing cost me 18 quid, so if I get my money back, I could easily buy a Keyboard PS/2 > USB adapter, an RJ11 coupler, and keep the rest of the money to puts towards a bloody female JACK > USB adapter (do these even exist?) so I can use my mic I have with my PS3.

It appears that Maplins have a PS2 keyboard for £9.99 http://www.maplin.co.uk/black-entry-level-keyboard-46330

Great, that’s perfect. Means I can either look for a female JACK > USB adapter for my mic, or buy a cheap & crappy bluetooth headset from Argos. XD