Update manager is disabled.

Hi any help would be appreciated, my partner has had an Asus Eee pc 900 series with Linux installed for around thee years. The problem is she cannot update it as the update manager has been disabled by the administrator,is there anyway around this please?

Is it still running the default Xandros OS ?

Hi Mark, to be honest i hav’nt got a clue other than it is the original version that was on it when it was purchased.

Does it look like this:


It looks very much like that Mark, on the internet tab there are two rows of icons first row are from left to right…web mail,web, igoogle,messenger,skype, network.
and the second row from l to r… google docs,world clock,wikipedia,internet radio,wireless networks.

OK can you please explain what you mean by “disabled by the administrator” ?

What happens when you try to run the update manager ?

Something pops up and says updates have been disabled by the administrator or something similar, unfortunately we don’t live together and i only have the notebook manual with me at the moment.

You could try updating from the command line:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

if you still can’t update … does it prompt for an admin password, or just say it’s disabled ?

Is there anything on there she can’t afford to loose … as you could always do a factory reset.

Pretty sure it says disabled by the administrator although i will check on Wednesday when i get over there, and no she has nothing she cannot afford to lose Mark.

Can I offer a bit of advice.

Xandros is WAY out of date and won’t be receiving any software or security updates anyway.

If I were you I’d take this opportunity to install a different and more modern Linux distribution.

Such as Peppermint 4 … which will have access to all the latest software:

(as with most linux distributions, it’s free)

Disclosure -
I’m a member of the Peppermint development team … read into that what you will :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me but where do i get it from?

Sorry just seen it…


Then you’ll want this:

to create a LiveUSB with the above ISO image … a bootable USB stick, that can be used for installation.

Mark is right, looking at the Asus Eeepc repo it has not seen any updates since 2011

Thanks eveyone… i’ll let you know how i get on. :slight_smile: