Updater (Solved)

Hi Mark,

Probably silly question time. In updater are three level 5 updates.


Is it safe to install these? Ive installed the level 3 ones but I left these until I know theyre safe. We are told to avoid level 5 because of the risk of crashing the system etc. Hence I`m a bit reluctant to install without advice. :-\


in “synaptic” ? … synaptic doesn’t give “levels”, only the updater (shield by the clock) does that.

If you’re talking about Peppermint, then YES install them (it’s just a new kernel)

Peppermint use the updater from Mint …

Mint by default have set “levels” 4 & 5 to not install by default (unticked)

Peppermint on the other hand follows the Ubuntu update policy … so ALL Levels should be set to install by default :wink:

If on the other hand you’re using Mint … it’s your call whether to follow their policy of not updating kernels … personally I think it’s a stupid policy, but your call.

Hi Mark,
Updater was what I meant, silly me.
Thanks for that, will do.