Updating Ubuntu

Hi guys, a social centre I go to uses Linux and one of the folks has just posted that the PC is asking for a new version of Ubuntu to be installed. He has no idea how to do it and has asked if anyone can. There is a LUG group in the area, but we don’t know yet if they have the time to go and update it. I said I would next week if I could figure it out. I don’t know yet what version of Ubuntu it is, but I just would like to ask- does this mean going into the package manager? It’d be cool if I could help them if the LUG group can’t get down to do it. Thanks!

If it’s offering a new version there’s normally a button to do an upgrade.

Problem is, as with a Windows “upgrade” (as opposed to a fresh install of the new version) there is always plenty of scope for things to go horribly wrong leaving you with a broken OS.

If you don’t know how to dig yourself out of this kind of hole it’s probably not a good idea to be offering to upgrade other peoples OS unless you’re 100% sure they have nothing they can’t afford to loose.

First make 100% sure they have backups of ALL data they can’t afford to loose
or preferably (if you have the kit) take a full image of the hard drive so you can restore it if things go wrong
then decide whether you want to risk an “upgrade” or go with a fresh install … and e’ll go from there.

Would be nice to know which version they’re currently running, and a little about their hardare

can you get the output from:

cat /etc/lsb-release


uname -a


cat /proc/cpuinfo

and if it works:

inxi -F

It is in the centre so I can’t put the codes in the terminal at the moment Mark. I’m at home.The guy told me that it’s Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released 2010. No, of course I don’t want things to go wrong, this is why I asked for your expert advice. :wink:
I did wonder if it would require a fresh install- in that case that is a job for the LUG guys, but if it is a simple update via the update manager I can manage that.

If it’s 10.04 then I think you’ll need to upgrade at least twice

10.04 → 12.04 then 12.04 → 14.04
(I’m pretty sure you can’t go directly from 10.04 to 14.04)

and you first need to discover if their hardware is capable of running a PAE kernel (as 14.04 no longer has a non-PEA kernel) … the output from the commands I requested should tell us this.

Thanks for this information Mark. When I get down there I shall post the codes. Sounds like its a job for the LUG guys not me, though. I shall tell the centre people the information you have given me and advise them to get in touch with the LUG guys. LUG used to meet in there, but I think some of the centre folks are still in touch with them. They’d easy be able to upgrade the computer- they are programmers etc. It’s a too risky job for me! Not the same as updating my own laptop with you helping me through the steps ( as you did putting Peppermint on this laptop)- I don’t know that old desktop they have- not used it much.