Upgrading HPLIP in Peppermint

I am running Peppermint 3 on a Dell Latitude D505 and have been invited to upgrade my HPLIP to the latest version.
Tucked away on the HP websites I found an install wizard (http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install_wizard/index.html), which was a bit of a relief as I had visions of getting stuck in “tar balls”, whatever they are.
Just one question:
I am asked to select the version of Linux I am running, and of the versions listed only Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint seem relevant to Peppermint. I would be grateful for advice on which to choose.

If I remember correctly , when I was doing some changes due to my All in one not scanning, I chose the Ubuntu option and it worked out ok.


Hi Keith

Degsy is correct Peppermint 3 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 so you would need to select Ubuntu for the distribution and 12.04 for the version

Good luck


Hello Degsy & Graeme.
Thank you for your advice. I had a feeling that was the one to go for but I am renowned for making the wrong decisions as my many posts here will testify!
Upon continuing with the install wizard I received this message:
Ubuntu 12.04 supplies HPLIP 3.12.2 and it does support your printer.
As the version of HPLIP supplied with your operating system supports your printer, you may continue to use that version of HPLIP.
You may now optionally download the latest version of HPLIP to get access to new features and bug fixes.

The phrase “new features” rings alarm bells with me so I think I shall keep my old version. I am sorry to have wasted your time.

My thanks once more,

I’d agree … if your printer’s already working, don’t bother installing a later version of hplip … just asking for trouble :wink:

Thank you, Mark.
Speaking of upgrades - and wandering off-topic a bit - I am maintaining Ubuntu 12.04 on several PCs and notice that it will be serviced until April 2017. Would I be wise to wait for V14?

If everything’s working in Ubuntu 12.04 you may as well, it’s only 5 1/2 months … then the update manager should offer you an “upgrade” button when 14.04 is released :slight_smile:

I take it that was a question about Ubuntu, not Peppermint 3 ?

I shall do that. I do hope that it will come with the Classic View No Effects option.
Many thanks.